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Very attractive offers often appear on the quick loan market. I am talking about loans for ID cards – no certificates. In a serious financial need, time and simplicity of formalities are important, so the offer of a loan granted only on the basis of an identity card seems to be extremely profitable. What do you need to know about her?

Simplified formalities – convenience for the consumer

Simplified formalities - convenience for the consumer

A loan for proof is not really an exceptional offer – even loans not advertised in this way can be based on identical principles. The basis is the lack of necessity for the borrower to organize a stack of documents that should be presented when taking a bank loan (including a certificate of income from work). Simplified formalities for an online loan proof reduce the time to wait for a decision and money considerably.

Loan for proof online or in person?

Loan for proof online or in person?

There are two ways to get a loan without unnecessary formalities:

  • completing the online form and making a transfer of USD 0.01 or USD 1.00, which is to confirm the customer’s identity;
  • presenting an ID card at a loan company outlet, submitting a relevant statement and signing the loan agreement on the spot.

Online ID card loan

Online ID card loan

It is one of the most convenient methods of obtaining an additional cash injection. The only thing you need to prepare from the documents – this is your ID card. Think about the amount of the loan in advance. You sit comfortably at the computer … and what steps should you then take to get your ID card loan in your account in a few minutes?

  • Check if you know the answers to the most common questions to avoid possible embarrassment and doubt after taking payday pay.
  • Fill out the online application by entering the necessary details from the proof and specify the loan amount and repayment date.
  • Make a transfer of USD 0.1 or USD 1, so that the lender can confirm your identity. The bank account must be created in your name and have the same number as the one provided in the application.
  • Wait for money – the fastest way to get it within a quarter of an hour!

Is such a loan secure?

Is such a loan secure?

Yes, the online ID loan is completely secure. However, there are many tricksters on the web who want to extort money under the guise of proof loans. Therefore, in order to choose an offer of a reliable and honest company and not get stretched by fraudsters, you should remember a few things:

  • check if the company provides basic and current contact details on its website,
  • check the list of warnings on the website of the Financial Supervision Authority, which publishes information about a possible crime by a dishonest company,
  • find on the website information about the APRC (current annual percentage rate) of the sample offer – each loan company is required to provide such information,
  • find out if the lender belongs to the Association of Loan Companies,
  • Read opinions on credit and loan consumer forums.

Advantages of proof loans

First of all – reducing formalities that can destroy the remains of patience and cause a lot of stress. If you apply for a loan online – just fill out the form and wait for a quick decision, and during a meeting with an employee of the company – show your ID card and complete a short statement.

Without leaving the house, we can not only submit an application for money at any time, but also get acquainted in one place with the most important information about these financial obligations – so as to be a consumer with high economic awareness and that after taking a payday pay we do not encounter an unpleasant surprise in the form of unknown conditions.

What should you watch out for?

In the case of loans based on an ID document, you should carefully analyze the cost of those loans – in other words – you need to know how much money we will have to give back. To reduce the risk of losing funds, loan companies may apply high interest rates and commissions higher than average for such an offer, which is why it is worth comparing different offers.

Before signing the loan agreement as proof, make sure that:

  • the company is reliable and you have no problems with possible contact regarding extension of repayment,
  • the contract does not contain prohibited clauses,
  • you understand the costs described in the fee table,
  • regulations are clear to you.

A loan for an ID card – without formalities that make life difficult – is an excellent solution if you suddenly lose financial liquidity and need to equalize your home budget, and after a maximum of a month you are able to pay back the arrears.

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